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Embracing those Living With dementia

Education – Community Collaboration – Dignity of Risk lifestyle

what we do

Our Mission

Dementia Innovations’ mission is to embrace those living with dementia through its core pillars: Education, Community Collaboration and Dignity of Risk Lifestyle


Dementia Innovations is committed to sustainable education solutions to better support multiple disciplines that strive to improve the care of those with dementia.

Community Collaboration

Dementia Innovations is committed to partnering with other community organizations, in an ongoing effort to identify challenges, promote forward thinking, and create obtainable solutions locally and beyond.

Dignity of Risk Lifestyle

Dementia Innovations is committed to creating a neighborhood specifically designed to shift the pendulum from excessive caution into quality of life by allowing for dignity of risk through self-determination and independent decision making. This innovative living environment will provide an alternative to traditional facility settings.

Where we have been... Where we are going...

In 2018, the Dementia Crisis Task Force of Sheboygan County was formed to evaluate, discuss, and work collaboratively to improve Sheboygan County’s response to individuals with dementia who are experiencing crisis. This was accomplished through a grassroots public/private partnership.  This collaborative included law enforcement, EMS providers, social workers, hospital personnel,  and 911/communication center personnel.


Together….. change happens.

Together…..we create impact.

Together….. we improve care.


Building on this momentum, Dementia Innovations, Inc. was created to continue and expand the mission of caring for those with dementia through our three core pillars of education, community collaboration and a dignity of risk lifestyle.   


Working Together

2019 Working Together Award nomination through Sheboygan County Chamber of Commerce.

Your Donation
Makes A Difference.

Your tax-deductible donations directly support the mission of Dementia Innovations through its three core pillars; Education, Community Collaboration, and a Dignity of Risk Lifestyle to support persons with dementia.