Dementia Innovations

Dignity of Risk Lifestyle

Our Pillars

Dignity of Risk Lifestyle


A living environment that is adaptable to meet the needs of the individual, rather than a structured living environment that requires the individual to change.



A neighborhood where a person with dementia can live “barrier free”.



A place where a person with dementia and their family can define and realize their desired quality of life.


Why now?

Why NOT now? People with dementia need care now. WE can achieve success by building on the momentum that already exists here in Sheboygan County. Now is the time for true pioneers to emerge in an industry that needs effective leaders and innovators.  Now is the time to raise the bar!

Why a neighborhood concept?

People living with dementia need visionaries to turn what was once only imagined into a reality.  Much like the Hogeweyk In the Netherlands, this concept of a Dignity of Risk lifestyle embraces innovative alternatives to traditional living options. 

Why here?

We love our community an want to to see it become a recognized center of dementia excellence.  Our community has the capability, the resources a collaborative nature and the passion for innovative ideas.  As a community, would we not want quality alternatives for our own futures and for the futures of our loved ones?

Project Partners


Cedar Creek Surveying – Oostburg

Jos. Schmitt Construction – Sheboygan

Excel Engineering – Fond du Lac

Engaged Marketing – Sheboygan

Embrace Care Management – Sheboygan

Vertical Works – Pleasant Prairie

Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren – Milwaukee

Whitford Media Company – Sheboygan

Wagner Excavating – Sheboygan